SATOX - Whitepaper v1.3

SATOX is a cryptocurrency that is 100 % community governed.
SATOX is an egalitarian ASIC resistance GPU-friendly Cryptocurrency.


SATOXCOIN (SATOX) is primarily about safety and privacy of your funds. As in BTC code transactions are unreversible and there is no way to block any single wallet in the network. Also, SATOX aims to stay POW GPU based blockchain. All of the above makes SATOX decentralized and free of censorship.

We believe that only POW GPU based blockchains are truly decentralized and free of censorship. Everyone should have opportunity to continue home mining in post 2022, so SATOX will always be a POW oriented chain. The SATOX project has a primary mission to implement Play2Earn/POG, but only in split consensus with POW. True crypto was founded with concept of POW mining, and shall remain so on in future.

We have taken a unique approach to Play2Earn / POG, we are redefining the concept and we believe this is the correct way to earn crypto rewards in 2023, you can play your favorite game on STEAM, there’s no restrictions on servers, play like normal and earn your fair share of SATOX.

SATOX uses KAWPOW algorithm, its mainly known to people mining RAVENCOIN, but its also supports other cryptocurrencies like SATOX. The algorithm is protected against ASIC which leads to potential centralization. SATOX is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers.

A defining feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are generally not issued by any central authority, rendering them theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.


Originally were four SATO community members who took some initiative to rescue stagnating abandoned coin. Earlier, original SATO had a tragic past – left forgotten with no purpose and goals.

Today, we embrace every Satoxcoin community member to join the team. If you are able to help the project and willing to be part of it in action – you are kindly welcome.

Current SATOX was formed as open source community project and shall remain so in future. So, everyone, who has a willing for cooperation and productive work for common goal should join.

Also the sub-team known as “SATOX Guards” are established to expand and promote P2E direction, apply and vote for important proposals, spread SATOX usage.


Name: Satoxcoin
Ticker: SATOX
Algorithm: KawPoW
Block Reward: 300 SATOX (with 10% for dev fees)
Block confirmations: 10 Blocks
Block time: 60 seconds.
Type: POW

Premine: 3.5B SATOX(For swap from the SATO chain to the new SATOX chain.)
Total supply: 8B SATOX(would be mind over 100 year.)

Retarget Algorithm: DGW
Instamine Protection: 1000 Blocks
Halving time: 4 Years

p2p port=60777
rpc port=7777


SatoxCoin community core team holds Developers fund.

It is being funded bу 10% dev fee from each block and also from 50% of unclaimed original SATO coins left after the fork swap.

Other part of unclaimed coins have been burned.

The prime purpose of Dev Fund is enabling further SATOX development and progress.

Coins will be spent for promo activities, P2E rewards and potentiality sold in reasonable quantities to facilitate funding for upcoming listings.


Satox Guards were established by SATOX CORE to determine dedicated community members who are ready for some actions for the project they care about. Their primary tasks are – testing, evolving and implementing the usage of SATOX in P2E Tech.

Also they have the rights to moderate telegram, discord or other social networks, as they are trusted community folks who put on all the needed efforts to see satoxcoin succeed.

Second part of their responsibility is the promotion of SATOX concept and usage wherever they find it possible and useful. Ultimately SATOX GUARDS will be the first POG testers, as developers of SATOX CORE move closer to creation of it. Guards are supervised and organized by SATOX KNIGHTS – their supervisors.

They decides on their tasks and missions, recruits new members and also grants coins for activity for each of them. Meanwhile SATOX CORE fund this division from Developers Fund. Despite Guards are granted by SATOX CORE they are not directly controlled by it, as one of the prime principle of SATOX project is decentralization.

That gives this division self-standing and independent way and vision of their mission. The concept is to give every SATOX Community member a chance to act and do better for common good – more than that, to be rewarded for it.

From the beginning SATOX was community run project and so will remain so in future, that’s why every interested Satorian can become SATOX GUARD if he is willing to Provided he has integrity and maintain highest Qualities.


In recent times many crypto projects have included P2E features in coin distribution, to attract Gamer’s to their projects.

It worked out – combining gaming and Crypto was a success.

The SATOX community was inspired with such a decisions, and designed its own unique vision and path to true Proof of Game.

The case is – all known implanted solutions today are Play2Earn. Gamer’s get coins from developers funds. Like a promo move, it was great and successful act. But SATOX aims to involve a much deeper concept. P2E is not POG, it does not participate in consensus and token distribution instead it is just rewarding it from funds of founders.

We want players to create blocks and be a part of blockchain validation process on a par with miners.

As a concept – to use SATOX QT core wallet as a single PC miner. The software interacting with OpenCL or Vulcan and other video modes on GPU will activate miner mode on a PC and a gamer will get coins straight in his wallet. Thats it.

That gives limitless integration potential, because it does not require any game to be deployed with SATOX directly, user runs all process on his client side. The idea is that gamer will earn coins playing literally anything what uses GPU video mode, without consuming GPU resources.

Sure thing will be to implement protection – one PC, one wallet, one gpu, one miner to ensure no multi launch abuse can be forced. Such design of true POG is not implanted or made elsewhere in Crypto sphere and SatoxCoin community aims to be pioneer in this fields.

It will take much time and resources to do develop, test and release. SATOX CORE will research possibilities to integrate this design, motivate new developers and coders to join the project to make true Proof Of Game a reality.

Thats why SATOX Project see true POG as its prime and ultimate goal for incoming future, no matter how distant this goal seems to be now.


SATOX resumable the characteristic of a decentralized Prof of of Work(POW) and Proof of Game(POG) private digital peer to peer cryptocurrency enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.

 ● Unit of Accounting

  Store of Value

  Transfer of Value

  Assets minting on the blockchain

  Assets Transfer on the blockchain


  Game Purchase

 ● In Game Purchase


 ● Tipping


An introduction to SATOXCOIN Assets

One of the many reasons that encourged us to start a new blockchain was the incomplete and wrong implementation of assets on “SATO” blockchain, now with the new “SATOX” blockchain, assets have been implemented and fully operational.

Every time a member issue an asset on the blockchain a certin amount of SATOX is burned. Assets can be issued on the blockchain by any user who has a wallet with enough funds.

Assets or tokens can be used for anything the creator’s imagination can conjure.
Here is a few ideas you can use assets for.

Asset Types

  • Main asset
  • Sub Asset
  • Unique Asset
  • Messaging Channel Asset
  • Qualifier Asset
  • Sub Qualifier Asset
  • Restricted Asset

Asset Applications

Representing real world custodied physical or digital assets to tokens

  • Gold bars
  • Silver coins
  • Physical Euros
  • Land Deeds
  • Marvel Comics
  • Energy credits (Electricity, Wood, Gas, Oil, Wind)

Representing a share of a project

Securities tokens: stock or shares of a company where the shares are represented by a token rather than a physical stock certificate.

Securities or partnership interests with the builtin ability to pay dividends in SATOX(legal in many free market countries)

Tokens which represent a coop, limited partnership, royalty sharing or profit sharing platform

A token which represents a crowdfunded item with the ability to transfer or resell the item

Representing virtual goods

  • Tickets to an event such as a soccer game with the ability to resell
  • A license to allow an activity
  • An access token to use a service
  • Ingame currency and items, transferable outside of the game platform

Representing a credit

  • Gift cards
  • Airline miles
  • Reward Points


(halving every 4 years.)













added later


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12,100,000 13/1/2027300
2,100,0014,200,001 13/1/2031150
4,200,0026,300,002 13/1/203575
6,300,0038,400,003 13/1/203937.5
8,400,00410,500,004 13/1/204318.75
10,500,00512,600,005 13/1/20479.37
12,600,00614,700,006 13/1/20514.68
14,700,00716,800,007 13/1/20552.34
16,800,00818,900,008 13/1/20591.17
18,900,00921,000,009 13/1/20630.58
21,000,01023,100,010 13/1/20670.29
23,100,01125,200,011 13/1/20710.14
25,200,01227,300,012 13/1/20750.07
27,300,01329,400,013 13/1/20790.03
29,400,01431,500,014 13/1/20830.01