We, a team of developers/dedicated community members are working hard to make our project better with you. An updated whitepaper is coming in the near future. We are also choosing a platform for mobile wallet development.

The most interesting question for everyone is the exchange listings. But since we are all interested in the success of the project, we, developers, may need your voluntary support.
At the moment, devs are working on the project completely in charity mode.
This will continue until dev free hardfork is initiated later.

With gratitude, we will accept all donations you are willing to spare and we plan to use it for only one purposes : listings. It’s not a cheap procedure, especially for good exchange.

Kind regards

Don't have any funds but would like to support?

You can support us without actual money, support the Satoxcoin by running a full node, its easy and simple, by running a full node with UPnP activated and allowing incoming connections, you help us secure the network against attacks, and you make is faster for everyone doing transactions or syncing their Satoxcoin Wallets.