The community cryptocurrency
that is rising from the ashes.


is a cryptocurrency that is 100% community governed.

Play your favorite game on STEAM and earn SATOX while you do it.

We are the first cryptocurrency that don’t need dedicated server, you can play on any server you like.  we are also the first P2E-crypto that works on a gaming console .(STEAMDECK).

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SATOXCOIN is a COIN not a TOKEN, SATOXCOIN (SATOX) is primarily about safety and privacy of your funds. As in BTC code transactions are unreversable and there is no way to block any single wallet in the network. Also, SATOX aims to stay POW GPU based blockchain. All of the above makes SATOX decentralized and free of censorship.

Everyone should have opportunity to continue home mining in post 2022, so SATOX will always be a POW oriented chain. 

SATOX is the native coin of the ecosystem, which is based on the SATOX blockchain. The project’s objective is to integrate p2e (play-to-earn) functionality into popular games, including CS GO, Dota 2, Apex Legends, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Grand Theft Auto V, Team Fortress 2, Unturned, Rust, Naraka: Bladepoint, War Thunder, Warframe, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II | Warzone™ 2.0, Destiny 2, Football Manager 2023, MIR4, ARK: Survival Evolved, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, Path of Exile, and many more. 

The main idea is to enable players to earn Satox coins while playing these games, which can later be utilized as payment for participating in the project’s eSports tournaments, where there are prizes to be won.


Satox Guards were established by SATOX CORE to determine dedicated community members who are ready for some actions for the project they care about. Their primary tasks are – testing, evolving and implementing the usage of SATOX in P2E Tech.

Also they have the rights to moderate telegram, discord or other social networks, as they are trusted community folks who put on all the needed efforts to see satoxcoin succeed.

Second part of their responsibility is the promotion of SATOX concept and usage wherever they find it possible and useful. Ultimately SATOX GUARDS will be the first POG testers, as developers of SATOX CORE move closer to creation of it. Guards are supervised and organized by SATOX KNIGHTS – their supervisors.

They decides on their tasks and missions, recruits new members and also grants coins for activity for each of them. Meanwhile SATOX CORE fund this division from Developers Fund. Despite Guards are granted by SATOX CORE they are not directly controlled by it, as one of the prime principle of SATOX project is decentralization.

That gives this division self-standing and independent way and vision of their mission. The concept is to give every SATOX Community member a chance to act and do better for common good – more than that, to be rewarded for it.

From the beginning SATOX was community run project and so will remain so in future, that’s why every interested Satorian can become SATOX GUARD if he is willing to Provided he has integrity and maintain highest Qualities.

The Community
Become a part of the community!

We have an active Discord community with “Tipbot” and “cryptogames” where you can earn SATOX.

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